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Pachou can help you find a domain name

The domain name you choose is important. It describes you, your company, or the site you wish to create. It is easy to purchase a domain name using the link below. If you need help with securing a domain name, leasing a server, or setting up your website, please let us know.

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Pachou will always offer the lowest price possible on domain name subscriptions.

You can set up your new domain name today. It's easy, just follow these steps:

It is often a good idea to purchase more than one domain name, using different extensions, especially if you have found just the right domain name and do not want it used by another company.

Order Domain Names
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Helpful Advice:
  • We recommend choosing domain names that includes keywords that match what your customer will likely enter when searching for your product or service.
  • There is no substantial difference between the various extensions that we offer. However, .com and .org are the most commonly used in business. We recommend using one of these, if possible.
  • If you already have a domain name and wish to purchase a new one, delete all its content and put it under your new keyword specific domain name, but forward your old domain to your new one. (This is called a 301 -- permanent forward.)